Course Descriptions


Transforming Technical Presentations

Half-day, One-day, Two-day Courses Available | Max. 75, 50, 20 Participants

In this era of infinite content, cutting through clutter to provide a clear and engaging message sets you apart. Christine’s signature course provides the building blocks for scientists and engineers to create effective scientific presentations that will engage their audiences in technical content, rather than bury them. Through a dynamic blend of lecture, discussion, video analysis, and exercises, workshop participants will walk away with immediately applicable strategies for content organization, slide design and delivery. These strategies, backed by extensive cognitive science research, will transform how scientists think about their work and the message they share.

Course Objectives

  1. Analyze Audience: size up your audience, adapt to the level of detail needed, and create a strong opening to hook them right from the start
  2. Organize Content: apply principles to maximize audiences’ retention, and unlock the power of storytelling
  3. Transform Slides: explore the problem with traditional PowerPoints, and lend clarity to technical information with assertion-evidence slide design and other visual strategies
  4. Identify Noise: create meaningful visual companions to important data, and learn which data and content to omit
  5. Deliver Confidently: develop a powerful delivery style by, think on your feet, and reflect on your vocal variety and body language through videotaped exercises

Half-day Agenda | Max. 75 Participants
Analyze Audience, Organize Content (1 hour)
Transform Slides (1.5 hours)
Deliver Confidently (1 hour)

One-day Agenda | Max. 35 Participants
Analyze Audience, Organize Content (2 hours)
Transform Slides, Identify Noise (3 hours)
Deliver Confidently (2 hours)

Two-Day Agenda | Max. 20 Participants*
Day 1: One-day Agenda
Day 2: Group Coaching Sessions (2-4 hours for participants)
Participants are broken into small groups and give 10-minute presentations based on the principles learned in Day 1. They receive feedback from their peers and the instructor, and each presentation is recorded for participants to reflect on their performance. The coaching sessions are an invaluable way for workshop participants to practice and internalize communication principles, as well as strengthen bonds between colleagues.

*Christine Haas Consulting can provide additional coaches to increase the number of participants. Please inquire if interested.  

Webinar | Max. 150 Participants | 1 - 1.5-hour
This interactive live webinar serves as an introduction to technical presentation skills and provides an overview of strategies for content organization, slide design, and delivery. An especially useful option for conference presentation training, many choose to follow-up this remote training with one-on-one coaching sessions to personalize the experience for participants.


Transforming Presentation Slides

3.5 Hours | Max. 15 participants

Many slides in technical presentations fail to focus and engage an audience. Instead, the barrage of words and bullet points act as a barrier to the audience’s understanding and don’t support the presenter’s main point. In this course, workshop participants will learn how to develop an effective message for each slide, strategies for reducing noise in their visuals, and best practices for title slides, agenda slides, and conclusion slides.


The Business of Storytelling

2 Hours | 10 – 50 participants    

Storytelling is the most powerful form of communication. Stories motivate, earn trust, illustrate concepts, reveal vulnerabilities, and most importantly, tap into the emotional part of the brain that is essential for persuasion. This two-hour workshop enables participants to become better communicators in business by learning the foundations of effective storytelling and developing their storytelling skills. Participants will craft their own stories and deliver them in small groups to get immediate feedback and improve their storytelling prowess.


The Art of the Elevator Pitch: Tell Your Story in 60 Seconds

2 Hours | 10 – 50 participants   

Learn how to condense your research or professional background into a concise and engaging 60-second message. By reviewing example elevator pitches and analyzing successful strategies, workshop attendees will learn how to craft their own pitches. Through practice and peer feedback, participants walk away with an effective pitch that can be tailored for different audiences.


Transforming Presentation Skills Webinar Series

1 hour | Designed for individual viewing or available to license for unlimited participants

In this series of three short recorded webinars, you will learn the elements of effective presentation skills, including tips on how to prepare, how to create great slides, and how to deliver your presentation with confidence. With plenty of examples and best-practices, this series will lay the groundwork for a successful presentation experience. Follow-up the course with a 1-hour one-to-one coaching session (held remotely) to receive tailored individual feedback on a specific presentation or more general delivery feedback. This series was created as a collaboration between Christine Haas and Anne Ricketts (Lighthouse Communications) for technical presenters giving a conference talk, though the suggestions will benefit anyone looking to improve their presentation skills.

Webinar 1 | How to Prepare
Creating a memorable presentation requires flexing some muscles that many of us don't get to use very often. In this session, Anne and Christine will teach a short preparation process to help you build a memorable talk. We’ll discuss how to:

1. Have a clear point
2. Think about your audience
3. Structure your talk
4. Add stories, analogies and other fun insights
5. Maintain audience engagement

Webinar 2 | Create Your Slides
When slides rely too heavily on words and bullet points, the audience can become distracted and confused trying to read the slides and listen to the presenter. Christine will discuss some visually-rich options for slides that will engage and focus the audience. We will discuss how to:

1. Develop an effective message for each slide
2. Create strong visual companions
3. Reduce noise on the slide
4. Apply best practices to sharing image, data, equation and code slides
5. Use the blank screen to your advantage

Webinar 3 | Deliver with Confidence
Speakers with an engaging delivery style can engage and persuade their listeners with powerful ideas. You can be one of those speakers! Learn how to:

1. Manage nerves before and during your talk
2. Come across as confident and credible
3. Develop effective gestures and open body language
4. Use vocal variety
5. Handle Q&A like a pro.


A Revolution Without Bullets: Transforming Presentations

1 hour | Unlimited participants

An engaging, interactive exploration of the essentials, this talk teaches participants the rudiments of creating understandable, compelling technical presentations. Through watching examples and discussing the research behind multimedia learning, attendees will leave with applicable tips and insights on effective communication.


Small Group Coaching Session

4 hours | Max. 8 participants

An ideal add-on to the full and half-day courses, these small group sessions offer workshop participants an opportunity to give a 10-minute presentation and receive constructive feedback from Christine and other attendees. The coaching sessions are an invaluable way for workshop participants to practice and internalize the principles taught in the courses, as well as further strengthen bonds between colleagues. These sessions are videotaped, so participants can review and reflect on their performance. These sessions are only available to those who have completed a workshop. Some preparation work is required.


One-on-One Coaching Sessions

1.5-hour session | 1 participant

Flexible and highly customized, these individualized sessions respond to your needs. Christine will help you brainstorm, advise on slide design, provide guidance on the organization and structure of your content, or provide feedback on your presentation. Coaching can be done remotely or onsite.